European Elections Special

Work in Recess


They are young, educated and desperate for jobs: mass-unemployment has shattered the dreams of millions of young Europeans. But how can Europe persist if a whole generation will be lost?


European labor reforms are on the wrong track


A Hartz for Europe

Peter Hartz has presented a series of concepts to fight youth unemployment across Europe – and France is about to repeat Germany's mistakes.

The EU's alarming youth unemployment rates


A Europe working for young people

The current young generation is worse off than 20 years ago. Europe cannot afford to go backwards.

Why young people are leaving Europe


Overqualified and underpaid

Europe’s unemployed young people don’t mind a little economic insecurity. What they can’t stand is a chronic atmosphere of political hopelessness. No wonder they are fleeing the continent.

Remedies for the Job Crisis among Young People


The Temp Trap

What measures can fix youth unemployment? Some simple solutions will do – as long as we correct a big mistake from the past.

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