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Trust me


The principle of solidarity is based on sharing both the advantages and the burdens. It is quite easy to share the advantages during good times. But when problems grow and solidarity is needed most, it gets harder. The EU still has to proof, how solidary it really is.


Safeguarding European solidarity


For your own sake

Europe needs to consolidate solidarity if it wants to remain a strong political union. Economic powerhouses like Germany must therefore recognize that helping others is in their own best interest.

Europe's Common Future


Leaving Neverland

Unlike Peter Pan, Europeans need to grow up. Rather than clinging to false fairy tales, we must realize that the overarching ideologies no longer function and that we cannot return to a state in which we separate our fates along national borders.

The true meaning of solidarity


Solidarity – a misunderstanding?

Solidarity is no altruistic trait. In fact, it is mostly selfish. And that is just one of the misunderstandings regarding solidarity in the EU.

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