European Elections Special

Le récit est mort! Vive le récit?


Europe is pacified. This is why the narrative of peace does not work anymore - which can be seen in the lack of interest of its people in elections and a common European idea. As a consequence European politicians have major problems to persuade rhetorically. Our authors took a look at some political speeches to find a new story that could possibly bind Europe.


The European Narrative's Impotence


Root Treatment

I doubt that a European narrative ever existed. Just listen to the speeches given by European politicians like Angela Merkel.

A small narrative is better than nothing


Small and useful

A general European narrative remains elusive, and we have not succeeded in distilling our desires into a comprehensive utopian vision. But there is one thing we should strive to remember.



Vazrik Bazil

Finding a new European narrative


Chasing the tale

The European people struggle with their identity. Therefore, one has to ask: Have pro-Europeans been telling the wrong kind of story?

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