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Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx

Matthias Horx, born in 1955, is an influential futurist in the German-speaking world. His essayist books, e.g. ‘Die Wilden 80er’ (the wild 80s) and ‘Aufstand in Schlaraffenland’ (rebellion in the land of milk and honey) are about value change and the zeitgeist of the 80s. In 1993, he founded the Trendbüro Hamburg with Peter Wippermann. Trendbüro rapidly became the nucleus of German marketing orientated trend research, and five years later Matthias Horx founded the Zukunftsinstitut.

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The western world‘s strange decay


Outer space

The occident has lost its appeal? Great! Its decline is just the next step in a necessary evolution.

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