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Andre Wilkens

Director Mercator Centre Berlin

Andre Wilkens has been Director of the Mercator Centre Berlin since 2011. Since 2009 he was Director Centre for International Affairs at Stiftung Mercator. He was previously Head of Strategic Communications with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva. Wilkens also headed the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute (OSI) in Brussels and co-ordinated Soros’ activities in Europe (2003-2009). He was co-initiator and founding member of the European Council for Foreign Relations and is the Chairman of the OSI Roma Advisory Board.



Besir Ceka

Political Scientist

Besir Ceka is a Max Weber Fellow to the European University Institute. His research interests lie in the fields of public opinion, political participation, party politics and international organizations. He defended his dissertation in March 2013 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In his dissertation, he studied the causes and consequences of political trust and satisfaction with democracy in European states.



Claudia Wiesner

Political Scientist

Claudia Wiesner currently works on the Marie Curie Project EUPOLCON at the University of Jyväskyla in Finland. She holds a PhD in Political science and has special interest in European democracy.



Jordi Solé


The Secretary General of EFA was born in Catalunya and is since 2012 a Member of the Catalan Parliament and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and European Union as well as of the Committee of Welfare, Family and Immigration. Solé studied Political Science (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and European Studies (Europa Universität Viadrina, Frankfurt Oder, Germany). From 2002 to 2007 he was MEP parliamentary advisor and was 2007 elected to Mayor of Caldes de Montbui, Barcelona. Since 2011 he is ERC’s Deputy Secretary-General for Institutional and International Relations.



Daniel Matteo

President of the JEF Germany

Daniel Matteo is President of the Young European Federalists (JEF) Germany. He currently works as a Visiting Lecturer at University of Westminster in London.



Ana Gomes


Ana Gomes is a Member of the European Parliament since 2004 and was re-elected in 2009. Her Portuguese Partido Socialista is part of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament. In the European Parliament, her main areas of activity are: human rights, security and defence, international relations, gender issues and development.



Daniel Hannan


Born 1971, Hannan is the Secretary General of the Alliance of European Conservative Reformists (AECR) and British Conservative MEP. 1999 he was elected into the European Parliament and served since on the Committee on Fisheries and the Delegation for Relations with Afghanistan. He currently serves on the Committee on Constitutional Affairs and the delegation to the ACP–EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly and is President of the Young Britons’ Foundation. Besides his political work Hannan writes a blog for The Daily Telegraph and published several books.



The priorities of the EPP at the European election

Giving Europe new momentum

For the EPP, strengthening solidarity and cohesion between the member states is essential. At the upcoming elections, we want to take up the challenges and have thus created a project based on five priorities.

by Michel Barnier 11.04.2014



How the Scots and Catalans affect the election

Time for the self-determination of the people

For the European Free Alliance, the era of the old-fashioned nation-states is over. It is time for a Europe of self-determined peoples.

by Jordi Solé 17.04.2014



Plea against a federal Europe

Being opposed

The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists stands for a different kind of Europe. We believe that Europe would be more prosperous and democratic if each nation provided for its own needs.

by Daniel Hannan 02.04.2014

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