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Forjudge Europe from below

There was a time

Neoliberal politics destroyed the vision of a free and united Europe. It’s time to stop, think and act.

by Katja Kipping 07.05.2014



Britain’s In/Out Referendum

The Big Bang

Banging on about Europe has once again become a vote winner in the UK and a “Brexit” is more likely than ever. If David Cameron wins next year’s elections, he will have to face an inconvenient promise.

by Sam Macrory 14.02.2014



Germany and European Defence

The changing tone

What might have been started at the Munich conference is a strategic debate on a reinvigorated role for both Germany and the EU in international security.

by Alistair Shepherd 21.03.2014



Ostpolitik: Updating the European Peace Project

Our neighbors need us

Europe is missing the second freedom revolution at its periphery. This is why it needs more foreign policy capabilities, including of a military nature.

by Christian E. Rieck 13.06.2014



Jean Monnets vision for Europes Nations

The Weariness of Men and Nations

Jean Monnet wanted both supranational institutions and the nation state. His famous method could help tackle the current crisis.

by Eric Roussel 03.03.2014



The Future of Europe and the “European Identity”

Ugly politics of the crisis

Ironically, the attempt to solve Europe’s banking problems within the Eurozone has undermined support for the European project of both its staunchest supporters and its vulnerable citizens. Skepticism will not go away.

by Neil Fligstein 03.02.2014



Why Europe’s Collective Identities are Plural

Identities in the Making

Does the European Union need a shared collective identity? Yes, it does, but not just one. If the EU is to come out stronger from its present crisis, it will need to add to the collective identities that it has successfully promoted in the past a new one that keeps it going into the future.

by Rainer Bauböck 20.01.2014



Great Britain: Repercussions of a Brexit

Better off Inside

It’s impossible to say what will happen between the UK and the rest of Europe. But it is possible to say what should happen.

by Stephen Tindale 17.01.2014

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