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Adam Lenton

Political Scientist

Adam Lenton studies Russian, international relations and Japanese at the University of Exeter in the UK. Adam spent his last year living and studying in Russia’s Tatarstan Republic and writes on Russian and Eurasian affairs for Future Foreign Policy, a UK-based think tank.



Arnold van Bruggen


The writer and filmmaker is the founder of the journalistic production agency Prospektor, and a cofounder, with Rob Hornstra, of the Sochi Project. Various elements of the Sochi Project have garnered awards, including the Canon Prize for innovative photojournalism in 2010; the Magnum Expression Award in 2011; the Sony World Photography Award (Arts & Culture category) in 2012; and the World Press Photo award for Arts & Entertainment Stories in 2012.



Anastasia Stepanovich

Political Scientist

Anastasia Stepanovich studies European Studies and Political Science (M.A) at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder). She focuses on normative appeals in the foreign policy of the European Union, soft power in international relations, and studies the transformation of post-Soviet states from a comparative angle. Anastasia has gained work experience at the German Council on Foreign relations and has co-organized numerous events pertaining to Russia-EU diplomacy.



Christian E. Rieck

Political Analyst

Christian E. Rieck is a Senior Analyst in the Peace and Security Section at the Global Governance Institute, with an emphasis on Emerging Powers and the BRICS. He works on the international relations of Regional Powers, regional power dynamics and their role in regional integration mechanisms. His area focus is mostly Latin America, especially but not exclusively Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil.



Better Relations Between the EU and Russia

Holding Out the Olive Branch

It’s not about Eurasia versus Europe. The EU should be the one to offer an olive branch and help to ensure that some worrying trends in Russia lose their drive.

by Adam Lenton 24.01.2014



A small narrative is better than nothing

Small and useful

A general European narrative remains elusive, and we have not succeeded in distilling our desires into a comprehensive utopian vision. But there is one thing we should strive to remember.

by Vazrik Bazil 25.06.2014



Ostpolitik: Updating the European Peace Project

Our neighbors need us

Europe is missing the second freedom revolution at its periphery. This is why it needs more foreign policy capabilities, including of a military nature.

by Christian E. Rieck 13.06.2014



Documenting the Winter Olympics: The Sochi Project

“It will be a war-like Olympics”

Journalist Arnold van Bruggen and photographer Rob Hornstra started visiting Sochi in 2007. They wanted to document the Winter Olympics’ impact on the region. A talk about the reality-defying nature of the 2014 games.

Conversation by Lars Mensel with Arnold van Bruggen 05.02.2014

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