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Claire Courteille-Mulder

Director of ILO-Brussels

Claire Courteille-Mulder has been appointed as head of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office in Brussels in January 2014. Before, she was a director at the International Trade Union Confederation, responsible for issues related to labour market policies, inequality, social protection, gender and migration. Throughout her career, Mrs Courteille-Mulder has worked for different humanitarian agencies, including UNHCR and OSCE.



Moritz Pfeifer


Moritz Pfeifer is living in Paris where he works as a freelancing journalist. He’s a regular contributor to “ParisBerlin“ and „Queries“. Pfeifer studied philosophy and linguistics in Berlin and Paris.



Why young people are leaving Europe

Overqualified and underpaid

Europe’s unemployed young people don’t mind a little economic insecurity. What they can’t stand is a chronic atmosphere of political hopelessness. No wonder they are fleeing the continent.

by Daniel Tkatch 29.01.2014



The EU's alarming youth unemployment rates

A Europe working for young people

The current young generation is worse off than 20 years ago. Europe cannot afford to go backwards.



European labor reforms are on the wrong track

A Hartz for Europe

Peter Hartz has presented a series of concepts to fight youth unemployment across Europe – and France is about to repeat Germany’s mistakes.

by Moritz Pfeifer 02.07.2014



Remedies for the Job Crisis among Young People

The Temp Trap

What measures can fix youth unemployment? Some simple solutions will do – as long as we correct a big mistake from the past.

by Glenda Quintini 15.01.2014

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